Sonata Addiction and Abuse in Southampton Hampshire

Comprehending Sonata

Sonata is one of the popular prescription sleeping pill that exhibits various side effects that includes respiratory depression leading to death.

Sonata is a brand name for Zaleplon which is a nonbenzodiazepine hypnotic that's usually prescribed as a treatment for sleeplessness. It is a well-known restlessness medication in the US, which is counted among the trendy drugs like "Z-drugs" Lunesta and Ambien.

It works to help people to sleep by affecting the neurotransmitters in the brain and make it function at a slower rate.

Because Sonata comes in the form of pills it is taken orally. Downers, tranks and sleepeasy are some of the street names for Sonata.

Effects Of Abusing Sonata

Sonata reduces your health state by half after 60 minutes, yet it's the quickest-active sleeping capsule. This had made the drug as one of the favoured drug abused by people having access to it.

Sonata is classified as a Schedule four controlled substance just like Ambien and Lunesta. Sonata intake is referred to as a misuse when it's not used according to doctor's prescription.

Bits of memory loss, hallucinatory episodes and a small amount of euphoria are some of the immediate effects of misusing Sonata.

Some abusers have innovatively introduced the drug to their system by removing the capsule and inhaling or snorting it. Other perturbing effects of the drugs leads to unconscious activities such as sleep-eating, sleep-walking and even performing sexual intercourse while asleep. The risk of these unconscious activities are increased when the patient tries to resist its sedative effects. Other Effects of the drug are

  • A state of confusion
  • Queasiness and sickness
  • Amnesia
  • Tingling sensation
  • Delusional feelings
  • Loss of coordination
  • Aggressive behaviour
  • Headaches
  • Tiredness

The risk of this Sonata addiction continues regardless of it not being as intoxicating as some other Z-drug. It is possible to lower respiratory functions until death occurs by using Sonata although this is much more likely when the drug is mixed with Alcohol or another depressant.

Sonata abuse are linked to suicide attempt cases handled at the ER.

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Sonata Addiction Indications

It may not be easy to see if a person has become dependent on Sonata. Sometimes, addiction may be confused with using the drug as per the doctor's instructions.

Amassing lots of medications and applying Sonata without any medical reasons could be very dangerous especially in the aspect of differences that occurs in attitude like the physician shopping.

A developed tolerance to the drug's effects and following withdrawals when quitting use is one indicative sign of Sonata addiction.

Backlashes sleep disorder (or a renascent, chronic restlessness) might affects victims, which is a bad sign of termination and an indication of substance addiction. The prolonged exposure or use of Sonata may render the patient to be unresponsive to the sedative effects of the drug. To been able to say if someone is an addict it is necessary knowing the criteria used by doctors.

Sonata Addiction And Treatment

Craving can be stimulated as a result of long term usage, moreover, Sonata carries less trouble than Ambien or Lunesta without in spite their obsession power.

The symptoms of quitting Sonata are really strong after the user has developed a mental and physical need of it.

The brain of a person addicted to Sonata may not be able to execute certain functions in the absence of the drug. Seizures, hallucinations and convulsions can all occur as a result of suddenly stopping Sonata use.

Facts And Figures Of Sonata Misuse

The most dangerous aspect of this addictions are the suicides. To have a good supervision on the behaviour of the addict and helping him to decrease the impact of quitting, it is necessary having a detox with the help of a doctor. Assisting Sonata addiction sufferers recover mentally and physically, as well as lessening the probability of relapse is the target of the treatment centres across the country.

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