Oxycodone Addiction and Abuse in Southampton Hampshire

Dependency And Overdose Of Oxycodone

Among prescribed drugs, Oxycodone is one of the most addictive ones available and it's used to treat pain.

A very powerful pain reliever, Oxycodone features at the top of the list of most commonly abused prescription drugs. Doctors prescribe this drug to patients suffering with severe pain or a condition from which recovery is not possible, as this drug is effective in reducing severe pain.

It could save a person's life when you realize that they have an Oxycodone abuse problem.

Abuse of Oxycodone regularly starts with a person taking a safe prescribed amount but as tolerance builds in their bodies, they start needing more of the drug to feel the same effects.

The line separating acceptable use from downright abuse is a thin one and can be crossed easily. Oxycodone is an expensive drug to afford. Addiction to this drug will lead to behavioural problem and serious health damage. It may even cause death to the addicts.

Falling Into Oxycodone Addiction

Irregular Consumption

  • Taking more Oxycodone than recommended
  • Using Oxycodone with companions or at gatherings
  • Being dependant on Oxycodone to feel calm during bad moments
  • Feeling over excitement when you use it


  • Experiencing a craving whenever up against a difficult situation
  • Developing tolerance
  • Feeling sleepy or even falling asleep in public
  • Feeling ashamed and not revealing the abuse of the drug


  • Ignoring everything else to use Oxycodone
  • Putting yourself and others in danger, and being ignorant
  • Struggling financially due to Oxycodone use
  • Permitting wellbeing and relationships to break down

Oxycodone addicts need medically managed detox and treatment programs in order to be fully recovered. These programs also reduces the chance of relapse. You can call us to get help in finding the right treatment for you.

Meaning Of Oxycodone And Brands

Several pain relieving drugs used have Oxycodone as its main ingredient. There are various brands and doses so the drugs will come in a variety of shapes, colours and sizes. Some of the most used painkillers with Oxycodone as the main ingredient are If you or somebody you know is battling with Oxycodone dependence, don't hold up any more to get assistance. You can count on us to assist you to overcome Oxycodone addiction, so contact us today 0800 772 3971.


Oxycontin features at the top of the list of most commonly abused prescription drugs. The effect of this drug is to relieve severe pain for up to 12 hours. Numerous individuals sidestep the time-release activity by squashing and grunting Oxycontin, or by dissolving the tablets in water and infusing the solution. All these ways of consuming give the highest amount of desired effect from the drug.


When Oxycodone is combined with Acetaminophen, the resultant drug is Percocet. People with pain levels ranging from mild to severe are usually prescribed this drug. Squashing and snorting Percocet, just like Oxycontin, is a regular way to abuse it. The addiction starts by taking the drug more than prescribed and on a longer period of time. Other ways of consuming it is by chewing it or injecting it right to the body.


A fast release formula of Oxycodone is what Roxicodone represents. Most commonly, Roxicodone is administered to someone who's about to undergo a surgery. Whenever mishandled, the medication causes a brisk high in the client. Individuals who manhandle Roxicodone frequently smash or soften down the tablets to be smoked or infused.

Oxy, OC's, Oxycet, Oxycontin, hillbilly Heroin, killers, percs, roxi's, are all some of slang or street names for Oxycodone drugs.

Those who have Oxycodone-based painkiller prescription might be having some serious health issues, such as cancer or arthritis. Another possibility is that they have just had a surgery or trauma. Oxycodone prescription forms are written out to provide 24-7 relieve.

Thebaine is a chemical that is found in opium and it is from this that Oxycodone is extracted. Because Oxycodone is an opioid, it is often classified with Codeine, Morphine, or Heroin. Under the Controlled Substances Act, Oxycodone is defined as a Schedule II drug. That says that it is often abused, even though it has a clear medical purpose. Taking more than the permitted dosage, taking the medication for longer than prescribed by a specialist, biting the pills, and pulverizing then infusing or grunting Oxycodone are altogether considered abuse of the medication.

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Effects Of Oxycodone Abuse

Taking larger doses than prescribed or even using Oxycodone without a prescription is considered abuse. The euphoric effect of the drug is one of the reasons why it is abused. Oxycodone gives quite the same effect with Heroin.

It's quite obvious that there are a lot of people taking Oxycodone considering that 32 million prescriptions for Percocet were written in 2011 alone. Some of them maybe don't realize how dangerous that is, while others have formed a tolerance.

Oxycodone produces these effects

  • Intense happiness
  • Less anxiousness
  • Boosts confidence
  • A strong feeling of relaxation

The problem of Oxycodone abuse is not easy to deal with since use of painkillers is not usually seen as a problem by many people. The problem is made harder to identify where people may be using valid prescriptions to get the drug which they later abuse. It all depends of, in the end, the negative side effects the substance has on user's life.

Combining Oxycodone And Other Drugs

There are many substance which can be combined with Oxycodone, but among all of it, alcohol and Oxycodone is the most dangerous combination. Both Oxycodone and alcohol will put pressure on central nervous system; not only it is highly destructive to the body, it can also cause death. This lethal mixed drink can back off breathing and cardiovascular capacity to the point of complete failure. In the long term, there is also risk of brain damage or damage to other body organs even without overdosing on the drug.

Users dependent on Oxycodone are usually also abusing stimulants, Benzodiazepines and Marijuana. Sometimes people combine the drugs in an attempt to amplify the effects of using Oxycodone.

In some cases, Oxycodone abuse can lead to Heroin use. An Oxycodone abuser often starts using Heroin when it becomes impossible to get it through prescription, because Heroin is comparatively less expensive and available more readily and produces the same effects as Oxycodone.

Oxycodone Abuse And Statistics

People abuse Oxycodone even when they know it is very dangerous and some even mix it with alcohol.