Over The Counter Drugs Addiction and Abuse in Southampton Hampshire

What Are Over The Counter Drugs

Abusing over-the-counter pharmaceuticals or pain relievers can prompt to addiction or utilization of more hazardous medications not far off.

Over the counter (OTC) medications will be medicines accessible without a prescription at drugstores or pharmacies.

As far as safety is concerned regarding OTC drugs, you don't have to worry till you are taking them as recommended. However, they can be abused just like illegal drugs and prescription medications. Albeit less powerful than different substances, OTC medications still represent a hazard for building up dependence.

The negative risks of abusing OTC drugs are deteriorating health which causes kidney failure, memory loss, heart issue, and even death.

OTC drugs that are known to be abused include

  • Medications for coughs (Dextromethorphan, or DXM)
  • Cold medicines (Pseudoephedrine)
  • Medicines for treating motion sickness
  • Medicines for alleviating pain

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Otc Drug Misuse

From motion sickness to some less severe pain is the range of different medical uses and effects of OTC drugs. People with anxiety, depression and other psychological problems have been known to self-medicate using OTC drugs.

Consuming OTC drugs will give the users a euphoria and/or cause them to hallucinate. Whenever the drug is taken more than the recommended dose, it is an abuse. While seeking a better high, a person who's misusing OTC drugs may make the change to drugs that are much more potent or even illegal.

Dextromethorphan Or Dxm Cough Medicines

When abused, medicines used to treat coughs can create euphoria or induce a hallucinatory state. Easy accessibility to medicines used for treating cough is the number one reason why young people use them to get a high. When taken in a high dose, these medicines can cause severe health complications, including brain damage. In case you are finding to overcome your addiction to OTC drugs or someone you love abuses them but wants to stop, you can count on us for best assistance.

Pseudoephedrine As A Cold Treatment

One of the active components of cold medicines is Pseudoephedrine which is a stimulant. This drug can cause euphoria or induce hallucinations which is why it is usually abused. Many illegal drugs such as Methamphetamine are made using Pseudoephedrine. Abusing pseudoephedrine can bring about unpredictable pulse, shortness of breath, hypertension, vertigo and seizures.

Pills Used For Treating Motion Sickness Called Dimenhydrinate

Medically, dimenhydrinate is prescribed to people who suffer from motion sickness. When taken in high dosages, the user experiences hallucinations but puts his health at risk because dimenhydrinate in high dosages can be fatal, besides causing unusual heartbeat, tremors, tinnitus-like sensation, and nauseous feeling. Many people abuse this drug for the sake of its psychedelic substance.

Pain Relievers Like Acetaminophen

Main pain medications, including Tylenol, are made using Acetaminophen. If it is abused in a long run, it will cause serious damage in the body like permanent liver damage. Opposite symptoms of acetaminophen misuse incorporate the diarrhoea, sweating, queasiness and stomach aches. Acetaminophen is for the most part taken for its pain soothing properties. Numerous mishandle acetaminophen to treat chronic pain.

Otc Drug Dependency

OTC drug abuse, even though it is done occasionally, it can still mess up with the brain's chemistry and function. Tolerance will sooner or later set in and the user will require a lot more of the drug to feel it's effects. There may also be withdrawal symptoms if an addict stops taking the over the counter medicine.

OTC medicine withdrawal symptoms may include

  • Disorientation
  • Aggressiveness
  • Nervousness
  • Mood swings

Taking a notice at someone who has an addiction to OTC drug can be quite hard. OTC drugs addicts show different signs of addiction, unlike the signs of addiction that you can find on illegal drug addict, such as Heroin addicts. A lot of friends and family members of OTC drugs addicts aren't sure how to determine if their loved ones are abusing these drugs since they aren't really regarded as addictive.

One of the main obvious sign of OTC drug addiction is when one keeps consuming the drugs and ignoring the risk. Another sign is when one spends a lot of time and money to get the drug. There are 11 general signs to recognize an addiction to any drug

Otc Drug Abuse Facts And Figures

Treating Addiction To Over The Counter Drugs

There are many facilities that have developed treatments for those who are struggling with OTC drug addiction. Psychotherapies like Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), mental health counselling and group and individual therapies are all treatment programs that are highly efficient.

There are also inpatient and outpatient rehab programs which help the OTC drugs addicts by providing the resources they need until they are fully recovered. It is highly recommended for OTC drug addicts to join a drug rehab program. It helps the addicts not to consume the drug during the withdrawal symptoms. This program reduces the chance of relapse considerably.

Use The Resources To Kick Your Dependency

It may be a challenging experience but it's not impossible to get over addiction to over the counter drugs. Inpatient drug treatment programs give access to the addicts to 24 hour medical care. Meanwhile, the outpatient programs is required to frequently visit the medical centre while also having a chance to fix their life at home. After going through the rehab program, surrounding yourself with an encouraging group or environment is also helpful to stay clean. 12-step group, such as Narcotic Anonymous can provide former addicts a supporting group of people so they can maintain their drug-free life.