Ketamine Addiction and Abuse in Southampton Hampshire

Addiction And Abuse Of Ketamine

Ketamine Addiction

Ketamine causes hallucinations and is a common party drug which young adults abuse. Occasionally, Ketamine is given to animals as well as humans to tranquilize them.

When one becomes dependent to Ketamine, they end up feeling completely disconnected from their environment, making it hard for them to lead a normal and meaningful life.

They become cognitively handicapped at this tender stage with both memory and speech affected.

You are addicted to Ketamine if you show these signs

To overthrow Ketamine dependence, support is a necessity. Alterations in the brain caused by Ketamine makes people unable to quit the drug by themselves, producing a strong mental dependence.

  • Increased usage
  • Longing for the next shot
  • Using more money
  • Irresponsible with important issues
  • Tolerance and craving for more
  • Disregard of fraternal and family ties

To get rid of Ketamine addiction, professional guidance and help is a must. To start to regularise dependent peoples' minds, having adequate medical care is the first step to overthrow the brain's chemical imbalance.

Ketamine Comprehension

Ketamine, otherwise known as Kit Kat, Special K, cat Valium, Vitamin K or Dorothy - is an abused animal anaesthetic, normally used as a recreational substance in clubs. It is mostly used by youths in clubs.

Ketamine is a schedule III controlled substance, sold as Ketalar which is the same classification as Codeine and Anabolic steroids.

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Schedule III drugs can prompt to physical reliance as well as mental reliance.

With time, consumers need to get higher doses of the drug to achieve the initial hit as its recreational effect is fast and short which makes people develop resistance to Ketamine quickly.

Using Ketamine for purposes other than medical is punishable by law.

Ketamine comes in various forms including an ingestible pill, a powder which is snorted or as an injectable liquid. Ketamine used as date assault because of it scentless and colourless nature, cannot be identified in beverages by victims and results in a rape case.

Effects Of Ketamine Abuse

Being a dissociative hallucinogen tranquilizer, Ketamine makes the user experience a complete body buzz, thereby causing noticeable sense of ease. Normally, the state of feeling high holds on for only an hour. When taken in higher doses, Ketamine produces more intense effects, like user feeling complete detachment from his or her bodies, which is also described as "K-hole" effect.

Sedative effects of the drug can result in serious danger for users of this drug because of a numb feeling.

It is not easily determined by the user to measure what amount is excessive because of its eccentric nature. Overdose is a possibility no matter the amount of substance consumed, particularly if it is mixed with another drug or alcohol. Total paralysis of the body can happen because of its sedative function. Most of the people who've died from Ketamine overdose, died as a result of respiratory failure.

Regular Ketamine Drug Mixtures

Adverse effects of Ketamine will increase considerably if it is mixed with other abused drugs. In the liquid state, the drug can be easily mixed with marijuana, tobacco products or alcohol. It is very risky to mix Ketamine with alcoholic beverages because of its depressant effects on several systems of the body.

Taking Ketamine along with other depressants might see the heart rate or respiratory function reduced fatally.

The powdered form of Ketamine is sometimes combined with ecstasy (MDMA) and pressed into a tablet or a capsule. Ketamine and MDMA can be hazardous when mixing them together because Ketamine is a depressant and MDMA is a stimulant. Hallucinogenic and psychedelic drugs, such as DMT or LSD, are usually mixed with Ketamine.