Heroin Addiction Symptoms and Warning Signs in Southampton Hampshire

What Are The Signs Of Heroin Use?

Side effects resulting form heroin addiction may very well top the list of the worst drug effects in a human body. You can save someone's life by being aware of the symptoms of heroin abuse.

Heroin is among the highest ranking addictive drugs in pharmacopeia. Many people end up dependent on the drug and unable to function normally without it even if they only intended to use the drug a few times only.

Knowing whether or not someone is using heroin may not be easy especially since they may go to great lengths to conceal it. It's rare that new users inject the drug because needle or track marks are a tell-tale sign of heroin abuse.

Heroin users may show other signs such as

  • Having bloodshot eyes
  • Restricted "pinpoint" pupils
  • Rapid weight loss
  • They many suddenly become secretive
  • A change in ones appearance
  • Demotivation
  • They may regularly seem to be drowsy or sleepy
  • Constant money borrowing

The Dangers Of Heroin

Because of heroin addictive potential, most people know that it is one of the dangerous drugs. The effects are short and long term as well as life threatening indirect risks.

The rates of transmission of infections such as HIV or Hepatitis is quite high among Heroin users.

The viruses which are blood borne are an eminent risk to seasoned heroin users since they prefer injections with the needles being shared. Additionally, risky sexual behaviour predisposes heroin users to STI and STD infections. Furthermore, the risk of spontaneous abortion is manifold amongst pregnant heroin users.

Addicts are more predisposed to contemplate committing suicide. Overdosing is a way self-murder occurs. Abusers of heroin have a compounded risk of suicide because they suffer from underlying mental conditions like depression or bipolar disorder.

A suicide attempt can be trigger by the resulting depression that comes with withdrawal. In case you are victim or you know someone who is struggling with heroin abuse, contact us today to get aid.

Heroin dependency can also cause other symptoms such as

  • Unhappiness and constant sadness
  • Scared
  • Insisted Itching
  • Bowel obstruction
  • Short Breath
  • Mouth Dryness
  • Slurred Speech
  • Irritated and Inflamed Veins
  • Squeamishness and Vomiting

Heroin side effect uses to get worse over the time. A prolonged period of use, could potentially lead to a destruction of the immune system as well as the internal organs. Prolonged heroin use increases a person's risk of contracting diseases. It can also lead to heart, lung, and liver disease when someone prolonged heroin abuse.

Heroin has an effect of depressing the breathing as well as the heart rate, a potential risk for fatal overdose. Permanent brain damage or coma can be caused by a nonfatal overdose.

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Picking Out A Heroin Addict

It's easy to develop a dependency on heroin due to the drug's effects even when a person is just experimenting with it. There are eleven key signs that a person is addicted to heroin according to the diagnostic and statistical manual. Becoming more tolerant of the drug, continuing to use while being aware of it's effects and using more heroin than you wanted to are some of the signs to look out for. The more severe their addiction is considered to be, the more symptoms of heroin abuse a person exhibits.

There exists a wide range of treatment options that could help one get over the addiction, and for the record a huge number receive treatment for heroin addiction on an annual basis.

Even casually using heroin can easily result in the user getting hooked to the drug due to the effects it has on the brain and body.

How To Intervene In A Heroin Problem

Hesitation in looking for a cure to heroin addiction is common. Some heroin addicts initially don't consider their dependence an issue, therefore hesitate to seek treatment. Some usually give up especially if their addiction is serious and they've already tried unsuccessfully to quit on various occasions. The best way to persuade them to get help may be staging an intervention in either scenario.

Removal And Curing

Physical dependence stemming from abuse of heroine results in addiction. The key indicators that one is a heroin addict is when a person experiences withdrawal symptoms and needs more heroin to get intoxicated.

Withdrawal symptoms of heroin may start as early as two hours after taking the drug and while Cocaine and marijuana don't cause physical withdrawal symptoms, heroin withdrawal symptoms includes serious physical pain. Besides the physical symptoms, withdrawal can also cause psychological symptoms

Depression, muscle pain, and cold sweats are some of the symptoms of heroin withdrawal.

These kind of symptoms are usually experienced for about a week from when one last used the drug, but the residual symptoms could be experienced for months. Heroin withdrawal normally necessitates the need for the aid of a professional treatment centre as well as medication to aptly deal with the condition. In a distraction-free environment, these treatment centres also offer therapy and support groups. You can search near you now, a treatment centre for heroin addiction.