Heroin Addiction and Abuse in Southampton Hampshire

Heroin And Addiction

When the vigorous opiate drug Heroin is used, it strongly controls the function of the brain's reward system.

Endorphins and dopamine are responsible for good feelings, and Heroin can increase these levels in the brain.

Heroin is a standout amongst the most risky and most addictive substances known to man. Those who become addicted can spend hundreds of pounds a day on the habit, even though it's a comparatively cheap drug.

The brain releases these chemicals in normal conditions to reward behaviour essential for human survival, like eating and pain management.

One out of every four people who experiment with Heroin end up becoming an addict.

The mind rapidly connects Heroin with the feeling of these chemicals in the brain's reward system. Over time, the addict becomes reliant upon the drug in order to function properly. This intense feeling, combined with the withdrawal effects of Heroin, make it an extremely hard drug for addicts to step away from with no assistance.

The way painkillers are manhandled can prompt to future Heroin abuse too. The snorting or injecting methods some apply to Heroin sometimes starts with the way some people take their pain relievers.

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Signs to show dependency has developed are

  • Maintaining use of Heroin despite linked issues
  • Not being able to stop or lower usage
  • Having persevering desires
  • Needing higher and higher Heroin dosages

When you need to increase the dosage of Heroin you take to get high or start to inject it, you have an addiction problem. What may have once seemed like an inexpensive way to have fun, becomes an essential habit to operate in everyday activities, once addicted.

About Heroin

Produced from the seeds of a poppy plant, Heroin is a very addictive painkiller made from Morphine. Any drugs extracted from poppy plants are regarded as opiates, as poppy plants are used to make Opium. Morphine is an opiate and so is Heroin.

Heroin has other names such as Junk, Smack and "H". A very potent painkiller known as Fentanyl, or Morphine are sometimes added to Heroin to make street Heroin.

In their life, about 4 million American citizens have used Heroin once. Severe itchiness, depression and collapsed veins are the manifestations of persistent Heroin use.

How To Identify Heroin

Not all Heroin appears to be identical. Inhaling, using intravenously, and smoking are some of the variety of techniques that Heroin can be overused in its forms.

The Effects Of Heroin

Feelings of extreme well-being is how the Heroin high is described amongst users. When somebody injects Heroin, they regularly encounter a "surge" from the drug getting to the brain so rapidly.

The rush when Heroin is injected through the vein will last for roughly two minutes. Intravenous addicts have compared the rush to a climax in terms of delight. One can be intoxicated for about 5 hours while Heroin finds its ways around the user's bloodstream.

Some effects to Heroin are

  • Happiness
  • Anxiety reduction
  • Diminished tension
  • Sleepiness
  • Lack of interest

Effects of Heroin can often be seen as innocent and painless to people who are first starting to use the drug. People may enjoy its effects, even when creating light-headedness or tiredness. Heroin does not usually produce hangovers like alcohol and ecstasy, thus making it more appealable to new users.

Because one can quickly tolerate Heroin, "harmless" or irregular use can develop into an addiction. Overtime, the brains loss of function to produce the usual amounts of dopamine will result in the addict not being able to function. A very real danger of dying from Heroin overdose comes with every increased dosage intake.

Heroin overdose signs are

  • Hollow breathing
  • Dryness in the mouth
  • Colourless tongue
  • Constricted pupils
  • Decreased pulse
  • Blue colouring to the lips

Users Of Other Drugs And Heroin

Individuals who misuse painkillers have at a high risk of testing with and getting dependent on Heroin. OxyContin is a painkiller that is branded as an opioid, when ingested the synthetic painkiller activates the same brain receptors that Heroin would.

Painkillers have comparable impacts to Heroin; however these pills can be costly and difficult to gain. Cost and availability are some of the main reasons most of those addicted to pain relieving drugs result to using Heroin.

Almost half of the young people addicted to Heroin previously abused painkillers beforehand. It is speculated that pain relievers are harder to come by than Heroin.

Heroin Abuse And Statistics

Trying to single-handedly overcome dependence on Heroin is practically impossible because of the degree of addiction to it. Find treatment and assistance that can help by calling 0800 772 3971, if you or someone you care about is suffering from a Heroin addiction.