Hallucinogens Addiction and Abuse in Southampton Hampshire

What Is A Hallucinogen?

Numerous psychoactive drugs are extensively abused in the UK, with dangerous side effects and capability for abuse. Understand more about the most common mind-altering drugs.

People have been using psychoactive substances to change their actuality for many years.

No matter what the law states or the understood safety of these drugs, it is vital to remember that they can still cause users to become dependant on the substance.

Discover more about getting treatment for a dependence on psychoactive drugs.

Abusing Hallucinogens

Any quantity of use must be a reason for concern as roughly all of the above drugs are illegal (most heavily regulated) To abuse these drugs puts the user and those close to them in serious danger, and it has been known to progress to a emotional and physical dependence with continued use.

Each age group seems to be catered for, in the distribution of these addictive mind-altering drugs as they are available in various types.

Addiction And Drug Dependence Hallucinogens

There is the tendency for people to live on these substances despite the fact that people don't live on them like some addictive drugs. When a person needs to take more dosage to experience the same feeling of euphoria as before, their body has become tolerant or physically dependent on the drug. When you quit using it, it will also present challenges that are peculiar to quitting addictive drugs.

Psychologically, a user may be addicted if

  • There is a need to ingest the drug on a more regular basis
  • Getting the substance is done without any care about the cost of getting it
  • Begins maintaining a strategic distance from friends or loved ones for utilizing the drug
  • The continuation of the drug is being used regardless of the recognized issues

Other conditions including depression may be associated to an addiction to a mind altering substance. Try not to discount your enslavement if you think you require assistance.

Angel Dust

A dissociative anaesthetic , Phencyclidine was discontinued for human use in 1965. This drug enables the users to experience an "out of body" feel, but as the user comes down from the effects of PCP they become increasingly flustered and unreasonable.

LSD, Marijuana, and methamphetamine are other drugs you can use PCP with. This improves their hallucinogenic impacts. PCP can be used in any form which include smoking it, using it intravenously, and swallowing it because it is mostly in powdery form.

An overdose of PCP will result in the user going into convulsions, becoming delirious, or unconscious. PCP-prompted deaths are most regular when the user commits suicide or has a mischance because of their changed condition of awareness. Other names for PCP are

  • Angel dust
  • Embalming fluid
  • Ozone
  • Zoom
  • Rocket fuel
  • Peace pills


Also called as acid or LSD, Lysergic acid diethylamide, is a highly potent synthetic hallucinogen. Using for research and treatment of mental illnesses were the initial use of LSD. In 1980 and thereabout, experts proved that the drug has no healing effect.

It is now some of the regulated drugs under Schedule I drug. LSD is most ordinarily manhandled by individuals in their late high teenagers or mid-twenties as a "club tranquilize," similarly as MDMA and ketamine.

LSD influences the neurotransmitter serotonin, which has impact in the control of behavioural, perceptual and regulatory networks. Because LSD hampers these transmitters the user can often have hallucinogenic hallucinations and can lose the sense of reality and their senses.


Psychedelic mushrooms are also known as Psilocybin, magic mushrooms or shrooms contain Hallucinogenic drugs psilocybin and psilocin; these mushrooms belong to the genus Psilocybe which has over 100 species. Both these chemicals are psychedelic and have hallucinogenic properties similar to LSD.

Psilocybin, classified as a Schedule I drug (has no medicinal healing value) under the Controlled Substances Act, and is banned from use. Effects varying from increased sensory experiences to decreased judgment and inability to distinguish between actuality and fantasy can be caused by Psychedelic mushrooms. Dangerous episodes are quite common, and can include

  • Terrifying delusions
  • Hopelessness
  • Anxiety attacks
  • Terror

Mescaline And Peyote

The peyote cactus produces a natural psychedelic substance called mescaline. Peyote has been utilized as a part of Native American convention as one of the most seasoned hallucinogenic specialists known. The drug was so important to the Native American culture that one of the foundations in which their church was built on was to protect their right to consume the drug.

The negative effects of Mescaline surpass potential good in the eyes of the government, although it has been recommended to be effectual in treating depression and alcoholism. It is categorized as a Schedule 1 drug.

In accordance to the user's body type, personality, drug history and expectations for the experience, the emotional and mental effects felt of mescaline change. Some common effects of mescaline/peyote use include

  • A crooked perception of the body
  • Clear mental images
  • Unable to recognize space area
  • Confused past and present events
  • Loss of reality

Bath Salts

Bath salts, a mixture of manufactured stimulants, don't have a particular chemical makeup. Bath salt batches range from batch to batch, and most will have dominant ingredient commonly being cathinone; an unnatural drug found in khat. Adding to the irregularity, numerous medication labs will marginally modify the medication's compound makeups to sidestep government control of the substances.

Since 2012, bath salts have been the origin of many strange and alarming events. The 31-year-old Miami man who attacked a homeless man by tearing his clothes off and proceeding to chew on his face was the most famous. Some people who have used this substance think they have come in contact with demons when medical staff pay emergency visits to patients who have had bath salts

Salvia Divinorum

Salvia divinorum (salvia or sage of diviners) is a mind altering plant that produces delusions and apparitions. Often known as Magic Mint, Sage of the Seers, or Lady Salvia, salvia divinorum can induce a sense of traveling through time, soaring or floating to users of the drug. Separate physical effects of the drug are feeling dizzy, inability to coordinate properly and feeling nauseous. Salvia divinorum is at present legal in the United States.


Present in human cells, Gamma -hydroxybutyric acid is manufactured for its toxic and sedative effects If the user uses some addictive drugs and too much of GHB, this will affect the impact of this drug on the central nervous system. Euphoria, decreased inhibitions, insomnia, disorientation, loss of coordination and decreased heart rate are the most frequently reported side effects of GHB.

Find Help For Your Addiction

Don't go it alone, if you or your acquaintance are having an addiction to a psychedelic or mind-altering substance. Numerous Treatment centres exist in the UK that are dedicated to assisting people beat drug addiction. Get your life back on track today, begin healing, contact us now.