Diet Pills Addiction and Abuse in Southampton Hampshire

Diet Pill Awareness

Weight loss pills, whether or not they require prescription, can appear as safe; however they possess alarming after effects as well as possibility for dependency and likelihood of misuse. Diet tablets entails several prescription and non-prescription created to assist the consumer lower or manage their body weight. Weight loss pills get involved in physical operations which influence body mass through maximising digestion, repressing hunger, or hindering ingestion of fats. Diet pills have been coined different terms; anti-obesity, anorexiants or anorectic pills, appetite suppressants or anti-obesity formulation are just a few.

It is worth remembering that according to the Controlled Substances Act, lots of prescription weight loss pills are listed in Schedule III or IV. It is supposed to prevent abuse and make these pills available only to those who will really benefit from taking them. Nonetheless these diet formulations are being misused at an overwhelmingly distressing pace.

Taking into account large supply of products related to weight loss in America, it is no wonder that Diet Pills are so widespread and so many kinds of them are available.

Despite being a non-prescription or prescription, every diet pill has its own dangers and fears linked to it. It is very crucial to recall that simply because an item is present at no cost at a drugstore, or directed by the doctor, it isn't inevitably secure - more so when applied beyond the suggested medication or procedure. Whenever you are convinced that a person you know is abusing Diet Pills, contact our consultants for assistance.

A few of the most ordinarily misused pills involve

  • Benzphetamine under the drug name Didrex is an appetite suppressant similar to amphetamines.
  • Benzphetamine which comes under the brand name drug Didrex is an appetite suppressant prescribed for obese people.
  • Diethylpropion - (Tenuate, Tepanil) given on a very short term period in order to suppress appetite. Applied on a short-term basis to lower weight in excess weight individuals
  • Mazindol under brand names Mazanor and Sanorex are presently approved solely for the treatment of DMD although Mazindol formulations are likely to be misused for their appetite reducing effects.
  • Phentermine - (Adipex, Lonamin) lowers appetite.
  • Taken by obese people on a short-term basis with the purpose of losing weight.

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Effects Of Abusing Diet Pill

Since modern diet formulations were introduced in the market to take the place of amphetamines in its role for curbing appetite; both drugs have a lot in common which includes dependency and addiction potential.

Amphetamines are made up of a category of drugs applied to enhance performance. Diet pills may create a boost in vigour and sensations of extreme happiness, boosting the probability of addiction. Contact us now on 0800 772 3971 to find out how we can best help you.

Normal consequences of diet pill ill-use might include

  • Sleeplessness
  • Vertigo
  • Illusions
  • Chest ache
  • Itchiness and rashes
  • Legs and ankles enlargement
  • Nausea and Vomiting
  • Yellowish skin or eyes
  • Dark urine or light-coloured stool

Indications of a Diet Pill Addiction

People who suffer from eating disorder or have other underlying conditions related to mental health are likely to get addicted to Diet Pills.

It is never unusual to get attached with Diet Pills as they present a fake feeling of instant satisfaction, but one that can never last.

Diet pills are easy to get hold of - some of them even are sold without prescription - so, in case of abuse, a patient unwittingly gets addicted to them pretty fast.

In the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders eleven signs of addiction are listed; knowing them helps people to spot the problem before it is too late. When a person recognises that their diet pill use is meddling with their well-being, relations and private life but can't stop by themselves, they may require expert assistance to discover the main cause of their problem and resolve it. Learn more about why addiction to Diet Pills is dangerous and how to quit using them.

Treating Diet Pill Addictions

Conquering an addiction to Diet Pills begins with discovering the root cause for abusing them. If you want to succeed in overcoming your addiction, both residential treatment and ongoing treatment programs can prove beneficial.