Crack Cocaine Addiction and Abuse in Southampton Hampshire

Looking Deeper Into Crack Cocaine

The body of the user will tend to crave more crack at it develops tolerance from initial use to achieve the high.

Crack Cocaine is a substance similar to mineral, which means it is strong and has a white colouration. To get crack Cocaine, which is its most potent form and looks like a crystal-like, sodium bicarbonate is combined with ammonia to form a paste, which is then left to dry so it can crystalize. Inhalation of smoke from burning it is the method used to ingest it.

Popping or cracking sound this substance produces when it is heated is responsible for its name - crack Cocaine. It however has many aliases but do not be fooled, whichever name it goes by it is still the same notorious drug.

Nobody is a lost course, get help for any crack addict you know.

Crack abuse refers to the use of this prohibited substance regardless of frequency and instance. People consume Cocaine by smoking it so it reaches brain quicker than snorting it. As a result, it makes the user very high in a very short moment. Even so, the high moment caused by crack Cocaine lasts for a short time only.

Crack Cocaine is a highly risky drug because of its potency which makes lethal overdose a real possibility. Overdosing may even happen to first-time users of crack.

The following the side effects of using crack Cocaine

  • Euphoria. Those who consume crack will have their brain producing a high amount of dopamine which triggers extreme pleasure.
  • Increased Energy Level
  • Anxiety
  • Talking too much
  • Enhanced confidence

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The possibility of an overdose is raised when users take bigger and bigger doses to maintain those not long living effects of crack.

Widened pupils and perspiration are good indicators of an on coming overdose. Nervousness, aggressive behaviour, seizures and/or hallucinations are some of the symptoms of an overdose. Furthermore, Inhaling it poses an even greater danger for those who suffer from hypertension and kidney failure.

Addiction To Crack Cocaine

Ordinary Cocaine is far less addictive and strong than crack Cocaine. Even people who have never used crack before instantly become hooked, meaning a dependency can develop very quickly. The effect of crack Cocaine is very intense. It gives a very pleasing effect to the users. However, it lasts only for a very short time. Therefore, many people need higher dose of crack Cocaine to keep the effect going. With every passing day, the addicts need crack just to stay normal and that means that dependency has evolved.

The addicts will feel withdrawal side effects when they try to stop, after the crack addiction evolves, and they need bigger doses of the drug to feel the desired effects. Crack releases extreme amounts of dopamine, a chemical that creates a feeling of happiness in the brain and smoking crack decreases natural creation of dopamine, which is why the previously mention things happen.

It becomes difficult to stop using because the user experiences powerful urges to use and the desperate need to avoid the withdrawal symptoms. Most of the crack Cocaine users are aware of the negative impacts the substance may cause in their life and body. The worst part is they choose to be ignorant to it and keep consuming it.

How One Starts Using Crack

Generally one has to be introduced by someone in the disguise of being adventurous or cool. Many people have been addicted to Cocaine before they try crack out. Crack has a pretty low cost compared with Cocaine that is also called a drug for the rich. That is why almost everybody, especially people that live under the difficult circumstances, can access this substance easily. A dependency on crack Cocaine can quickly turn into a costly habit that requires a lot of money per week to sustain, just because the user requires more of the drug to make the effects last longer.

Crack Abuse Statistics

Statistics about crack abuse are just evaluations based on some available facts since crack is an illicit drug.

Getting Out Of Crack's Grip

There is still hope of escaping from the clutches of Cocaine addiction and the best thing to do is to seek professional care. Act now and take the initial decisive step to regain your life!