Cocaine Addiction and Abuse in Southampton Hampshire

Knowledge About Cocaine

Cocaine, also known as "rich man's drug", is a dangerous stimulant that is addictive. This stimulant, if consumed, will take the user "to the cloud nine" which means it gives euphoria or extreme feeling and also makes the user fresh and alert and it gains its status as "rich man's drug" because of its expensive price.

Cocaine causes the recipient to feel energetic and ecstatic because this white substance that comes in the form of a powder affects the central nervous system of one's body. It can be introduced to the body by snorting (powder), smoking (crystal), and injection (diluted/liquid). Other popular names of Cocaine are coke, blow, or powder. There are still a lot of people that are compelled to use Cocaine despite the well-known facts about its addictiveness.

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A research found out that every day there is 1,800 new users of Cocaine in America.

Misuse And Efficacy Of Cocaine

Since it is not a legal drug, any usage of Cocaine is regarded as misuse. Being a stimulant it significantly increases secretion of dopamine, considered to be one of the "happy hormones". To feel the effects for a longer time, most addicts will regularly use Cocaine as it is less likely to cause an overdose when sniffed as compared to using needles.

The following are the side effects of Cocaine use

  • Desire to talk
  • Excitement
  • Heightened perceptivity or alertness
  • Uneasiness
  • Excessive confidence

These influences on the body however have a timeline which is determined by the method by which the drug way taken. Snorting the powder is observed to last the longest clocked at 30 minutes. Even less, 5 to 10 min approximately, will last the effects of Cocaine if you inject or smoke it, but it will be more potent.

Cocaine use can take a toll on the heart and that is why it is extremely hazardous if used continuously and cardiac arrest or stroke is the most usual cause of death when it comes to repeated Cocaine abuse. Ask for help immediately if you or someone close to you is using Cocaine.

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Cocaine Dependency

Even though Cocaine is an addictive drug, it can be hard to see the symptoms of Cocaine addiction. The most obvious signs of dependency are Cocaine cravings and disregarding the problems it causes. There are 2 kinds of addiction that will happen; they are psychological addiction and physical addiction and the most difficult addiction to be treated is the psychological one. It becomes easier to continue using Cocaine than to stop.

For drug user, consuming Cocaine is their normal life. It has become one of their primary needs, thus, they feel the need to consume it on regular basis. Their body gets used to it and will have an unpleasant physical reaction when the drug is not taken regularly. The brain's incentive system is rewired in the long run because Cocaine hikes the amount of dopamine that is produced in the brain to excessive levels. Most addicts need rehabilitative or therapeutic treatment in order to kick the habit, while others have enough willpower to stop abusing it by themselves.

Cocaine And Other Drugs

Cocaine users often try the substance in the specific surroundings where other drugs are also being injected. Therefore, Cocaine users might have other dependency on other substances, like marijuana or alcohol. Being addicted to more than 1 substance is called poly-drug and this condition is very dangerous as it increases the risk of overdose.

This can cause alcohol to be a trigger for those who quit Cocaine because alcohol and Cocaine so often go hand in hand. It is crucially needed for all drugs user to completely stop the usage of drugs if they want to be fully healed from the addiction. The other highly addictive polydrug use is speedball, where Cocaine is combined with heroin that brings high to another level.

Cocaine Statistics

Among all illegal substances, the most emergency room cases are connected with Cocaine abuse. Close to 70% of these patients have multiple drugs found in their body.

Rehabilitating An Addict

Cocaine abuse may be very challenging to overcome. But, for those who are ready to fight to get better there, is assistance and resources to be found. Act now and discover your road to a sobriety from Cocaine dependency today.